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Over Time Algae builds up on walls and the first thing people think is to re paint it, which can be very costly. Redner cleaning is a cheaper option and if the paint is in good condition can often bring it up like it was when first painted.

This method of cleaning is perfect for the modern renders such as K Render and other similar types, soft washing these walls is the best way to get them back to a high standard. 

The Soft Wash solution is applied via a fluid supplied brush and pole in the same way a water fed pole works when window cleaning, its gently brushed in and left to work its magic.

We use a careful and safe blend of chemicals, known as a soft wash solution. 



The results can be seen quickly, once the wall is cleaned we then rinse away any remaining dirt leaving the wall nice and clean, and if paint work allows, like new.

Below is some render cleaning in Magor that we carried out, it didn't look too bad to begin but when we cleaned it the difference was massive. 

Below is some render cleaning in Caldicot that we carried out on K render.

Below is some render cleaning in Lydney in the Forest of Dean that we carried out. This was on painted render. The paint and walls were in good condition which helped us to be able to give maximum results.

Above is some render cleaning in Caerwent that we have done. This was on painted render. The results were really good.

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Here is some painted render cleaning in Tintern.


Here we had a couple of things to overcome, the texture meant that we had to apply more solution to get in all the gaps. We also left the soft wash on so that it would have maximum effect.


The lead also left marks which you can see by the guttering but we used a different solution to get rid of it, leaving the walls looking nice and clean.


Safe to say our client was very happy with the work. 

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